Playing too many games at once.

In the last five days I’ve found myself playing a lot of videogames that I’m trying to complete:

  • Jet Set Radio – Dreamcast
  • Sin & Punishment 2 – Wii
  • No More Heroes 2 – Wii
  • Lifesigns – DS
  • 10 Second Run – DSiWare

Some I just started and some I’ve been playing for a while. I want to post initial impressions of the ones I’ve just started as I’d been waiting to complete the Wii games before posting anything and my opinions have changed quite a lot since then. Notice there aren’t any “current gen” (PS3/360) games on the list. I haven’t really played any in months, bar a little Forza 3 two-player the other day when a friend came to visit. In addition, I just switched (once again) my regular iPhone game from Bejeweled Blitz over to Doodle Jump. Too many games.

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