iPhone games – a synopsis

One of the main reasons I got an iPhone (in late 2009) was to experience the games. And when I first got it, it felt like a revolution. With a huge, high-res screen for a handheld, unique touch and motion controls, being able to read reviews, download a demo, then buy a full game (for not much money) all on one device. There are basically two types of iPhone game – those which aim to be a full-on console experience, which I don’t play often, and the short score-attack based games which fit perfectly onto the “carry it everywhere” nature of a phone.

Here is all the iPhone games I have paid money for, in chronological order, with a rating (from one to five stars) and a one sentence summary:

  1. I Love Katamari – * –  terrible version of a game I dearly love.
  2. Space Invaders: Infinity Gene – **** – brilliant recreation of an iconic shooter, bringing it to the future, completely differently than Extreme did.
  3. Canabalt – ***** – a one-button platformer turned into art.
  4. Wurdle – **** – addictive time-based “find words” score-attack game.
  5. Racer – **** – dodge traffic in different lanes to get high score.
  6. Flight Control – **** – hectic score attack path-tracing game.
  7. Harbor Master – **** –  Flight Control with more variety and a different setting.
  8. Soosiz – **** – brilliant 2D version of Super Mario Galaxy’s planetoid/gravity platforming.
  9. Real Racing – **** – showed the iPhone could pull of a serious racing game, made better by the tilting and first person viewpoint.
  10. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz – ***** – ignore 2, Blitz is the best, most addictive one-minute score-attack game I know of.
  11. Peggle – *** – not as good as on the PC.
  12. Bookworm – ** – similar to Wurdle, but nowhere near as good.
  13. Ridge Racer Accelerated – **** – crazy drifting arcade racer where perfection is required.
  14. Dancing Lights – ** – confusing, if pretty, puzzler, that I don’t fully understand.
  15. Doodle Jump – **** – addictive score-attack climbing platformer – for a quick blast, it’s second only to Bejeweled Blitz.
  16. Valet Hustle – ** – tried to bring a story to Flight Control, but lost the gameplay and hugely long and repetitive.
  17. Noby Noby Boy – ** – random collection of “toys”, completely different to the PS3 game.
  18. Sketch Nation Shooter – ** – a very limited shoot-em-up construction kit that is stuck in the early ’90s style gameplay.
  19. Pang Mobile – ** – boring conversion of a classic arcade game.
  20. muBlip – **** – really great two-handed touch-screen rhythm action game.
  21. Bit Pilot – **** – oddly controlled twin-stick style shooter, featuring great chiptune music.
  22. Espgaluda II – **** – a great port of a Cave bullet hell shooter with a slightly odd system, made easier due to more slowdown.
  23. Tilt To Live – ***** – tilt controlled twin-stick score attack shooter that is amazing and addictive.
  24. Edge – *** – a decent take on the Marble Madness genre.
  25. Truckers Delight: Episode 1 – *** – reminiscent of super-scaler style arcade racers.
  26. Juggle! – *** – single-player Pong-like game.
  27. DoDonPachi Ressurection – **** – really great Cave arcade bullet hell shooter port, although a tad easy considering the genre.
  28. Mirror’s Edge – *** – pretty faithful to the console versions, but 2D and lacking time-attack exclusive levels.

So there we go, 10 months, 28 games purchased, and some great gameplay experiences. I do play a score-attack game every day (on the loo, eek) but now often find myself unwilling to play the more console-esque games as, well, I’d rather play them on a console.

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