Great Game Covers #1 – Sonic Pocket Adventure on the NGPC

I’ve been meaning to start this new series of posts for a while now. It basically is just highlighting what I think is a great videogame cover. There are plenty of excellent games with terrible covers, and lots of arguments about which region gets the best box art. I’d like to showcase the videogame covers which I really like.

What with my recent playing of Sonic 4, I thought this would be a great place to start. Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, released by Sega for the SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color in 1999. The design is really striking with an excellent Sega blue dominating the image. A large close up of the then-recent “attitude” redesign of Sonic gives the box immediate impact. It highlights that this is the (one of the first) times that Sonic has appeared on a non-Sega machine. It highlights that this game is solely about Sonic, and it shows the new “cool” style that Sega was trying to imbue the character with.

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