Sonic 4 – A second complete playthrough

So this afternoon, I sat down and played all the way through Sonic 4 for a second time. This is odd because nowadays I have such a huge pile of games to get through that it is unlikely I’ll reach the end of a game once, let alone twice. What I really enjoyed this time was how different each Act was. Not just each Zone, but each Act within the Zone. They all had their own graphical style and gameplay touches which are unique to that Act and not repeated throughout the game. I still hated a couple of the bits in Lost Labyrinth (a torch puzzle and a spin the screen and hold down bit). I still hated the last two bosses. And the way you have to replay some level each time you die on the Lost Labyrinth boss. And the way you have to fight the Mad Gear Zone boss stage one again and again when you die on the main part of it. And then I hated the boss rush. But again I loved the last boss. It took a lot of tries. To show how much I hate the boss fights in this game – I reached the Zone 4 boss with 22 lives. I finally beat completed the game with only 2 lives left. Ouch. The last boss is great though, and epic. I am learning more how to beat the bosses. And learning how to play this in the levels. I do appreciate the different routes and little hidden bits in the levels. I only gained one more Chaos Emerald. I’d like to collect all  of them and hopefully unlock Super Sonic. Especially as I’d like to play all the way through this game at least one more time. One thing though – after playing the game, I stuck on the Sonic 10th Anniversary music CD (that came with Sonic Adventure 2) whilst doing some cleaning around the house and the old MegaDrive music is excellent, leagues above the Sonic 4 music.

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