Great Game Covers #2 – Space Channel 5 (JPN)

The second in my new Game Game Covers series is Space Channel 5, released by Sega for the Dreamcast in 1999. I think all three regions have good covers (good enough for me to now own all of them) but by far the best is the original Japanese (as compared to the Dorikore re-release) cover. Sega showed this game was special by having that shiny, glittery silver backing. They even extended this to the spine card, a great touch. The cover then features the Space Channel 5 logo and a huge close-up of Ulala, the main character, who over 10 years later is still popular in cosplay conventions. Sega knew that they designed a great character who was central to the popularity of the game so gave her pride of place on the cover. Sega also paid special attention to detail elsewhere in the packaging. Not content with making the spine card all glittery like the cover, the reverse side features an image of Ulala. The back of the manual also retains the silver sparkle and the CD design is a distinctive orange with silhouettes of the main characters and some silver sparkles so it fits in with the rest of the packaging. An overall quality product.

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One Response to Great Game Covers #2 – Space Channel 5 (JPN)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This cover is so good. Anyways, I bought a sealed one but it have 2 wrinkles in the cover/booklet

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