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Peter Broderick, Tsukimono at Manchester Academy 3, 19/10/2010

Sorry for posting this so long after the event – as it is, my memories may not be so clear, so excuse the inaccuracies and forgotten moments. Anyway, after a nice pint in The Oxford and a Subway at Subway, … Continue reading

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Great Game Covers #3 – Electroplankton on the Nintendo DS

It’s been a while I’ve done a Great Game Covers post. And this time it’s one of my favourites and one of the few I have out on display, not just a spine in a bookshelf. It’s Electroplankton on the … Continue reading

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Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX – Xbox Live Arcade

Given how completely Pac-Man: Championship Edition updated the original Pac-Man two years ago and made it completely fresh and modern whilst still being true to the original – I was very surprised that Pac-Man: CE DX does the same to … Continue reading

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EA Sports Active – Wii – Week 2 Impressions

For my impressions after the first week, click here. Last time I complained about the resistance band included in the package being weak and poor quality. And since then it had ripped in several places. I’d already ordered a replacement … Continue reading

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Can I get any closer to the 1CC?

So, I’ve been playing Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label (by shmup masters Cave) on the Xbox 360 for quite a while now. Pushing for the 1CC but have never managed it. Previously I’ve only ever got a 1CC on Psyvariar 2 … Continue reading

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EA Sports Active – Wii – Week 1 Impressions

I bought this a week ago because I decided I needed to do more exercise (frankly, the beer belly is growing) and upon reading reviews of the new Kinect games, kept getting this Wii game recommended. What tipped me over … Continue reading

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Shana at the Dawn

Almost two months ago I woke up just before the dawn and took Shana out for a couple of pictures. I’d hope there would be a nice sunrise which would enliven her translucent red hair. Alas, it was not so.

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