EA Sports Active – Wii – Week 1 Impressions

I bought this a week ago because I decided I needed to do more exercise (frankly, the beer belly is growing) and upon reading reviews of the new Kinect games, kept getting this Wii game recommended. What tipped me over to buy it was that it doesn’t require the Wii Balance Board (which I don’t own) and is now dirt cheap since there is an  extension out and a sequel soon to be released. All the reviews said that it is basically a personal trainer and really encourages you to do your exercises and offers a great workout. All of these I found to be true. The game tracks your movements by the Wiimote and Nunchuk in each hand or by attaching the nunchuk to your leg with the included leg strap. To provide arm exercises the game includes a resistance band, which I’ve since discovered, are used in lots of other fields of exercises. Now, all the reviews stated that the included resistance band is too weak and they were spot on again. I found myself really pushing the amount of band I was using and it broke after a few days. However, I’ve ordered a much stronger one by a trusted sports company which will hopefully improve my enjoyment of the arm exercises. The game keeps you going because its main mode is a 30 day challenge with a journal. Every day it gives you a new workout with its virtual (and FMV) personal trainer who shouts at you and encourages you as well as congratulating you when you do well. Every third day is designated as a rest day, which is much needed. The game really pushes you, particularly on the thighs, and I find myself really building up a sweat and feeling exhausted. Whats telling is that even over the course of a week I have upped the difficulty from easy to medium and find it much easier to cope with some of the exercises that I found really knackering when I first got this. So it seems to be working already! The game introduces new elements into each day’s workout so there is always something fresh. Furthermore the journal also gives you a questionnaire about your other activities and your diet. Overall I find myself thinking ahead to my sessions (each one about half an hour) with the game and my overall health in terms of diet as well. The game also makes you feel good by awarding you Trophies just like any modern computer game and constantly tracks the calories burnt and time spent on each workout.

I’m enjoying it so far and I generally feel better. Here’s hoping I keep it up for the end of the 30 day challenge and then carry on using it (there are lots of additional workouts included and you can invent your own). Then I hope to move on to the EA Sports Active: More Workouts expansion. I recommend this if you want a serious fitness game which allows you to improve your fitness without leaving your living room.

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