Can I get any closer to the 1CC?

So, I’ve been playing Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label (by shmup masters Cave) on the Xbox 360 for quite a while now. Pushing for the 1CC but have never managed it. Previously I’ve only ever got a 1CC on Psyvariar 2 (on the Dreamcast) and Dodonpachi Resurrection, which doesn’t count as it was on the iPhone. Tonight, I was on quite a roll (playing Original, with Reco) and got really far on the final boss. Take a look at how small the boss’s health bar is on the top left of this screenshot:

And look at that bullet just about to hit me…

Game Over.

The annoying this is, just how little health he had left. And looking back at these screenshots, the bullet looks like it was right at the end of a big bullet pattern I’ve obviously dodged through.

I can’t tell you how frustrating this is. The closest I’ve ever got. Many the closest I’ll ever get. I could try practice mode on this boss to improve things, rather than what happened this time in going in with two lives left and zero bombs. And bombing a lot to get me through. I still don’t know what triggers the extend/1UP in the second half of stage five though. Its obviously always a huge help to get it. Its basically 4 extra chances of survival, if you count good bombing. Oh well.

(If you are wondering, I was able to take these photos by utilising the excellent replay mode in the Xbox 360 port which allows you to play the action back down to 1/16 of normal speed.

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