EA Sports Active – Wii – Week 2 Impressions

For my impressions after the first week, click here. Last time I complained about the resistance band included in the package being weak and poor quality. And since then it had ripped in several places. I’d already ordered a replacement from Dynaband. I bought the purple one, which offers excellent resistance, however, is too short to use for the overhead exercises. So, I bought a three resistance band pack from Fitness Mad. These were all recommended from Amazon reviewers as being the right length for this game. And they were right. I use the strongest one in the pack for the overhead exercises and the Dynaband one (which is stronger) for anything that only involves the band being stretched to waist level.

Enough talk of resistance bands and on to the game itself. I’ve found myself getting really into the exercises and the 30-day challenge adds at least one new exercise a day. I’m half way through now! I even got up extra early on a Saturday morning to do my daily workout before I went off to see the football. And I love my lie-ins at weekends. So it really has pushed me to do the workouts every scheduled opportunity (it gives you a day off every third day).

For the last couple of days I increased the difficulty to Hard (or more appropriately titled High Intensity). This basically just increases the rep rate but expects you to complete the total workout in the same length of time. The first time I did this was unfortunate as the workout was focussed on squats and lower body exercises. My legs felt like jelly afterwards. The standard squats were okay, but followed by squat jumps and lunge jumps were hell. What was the real killer though was having to hold a squat for 60 seconds. And then 20 minutes later, asking you to repeat this feat. Ouch.

Yesterday I kept the game on Hard but thankfully it gave your legs a rest and concentrated on the upper body (so I was glad I had my set of resistance bands sorted). During this week I’ve been feeling better in my biceps and I think the game is doing something. Only time will tell though. I have been trying to eat healthier as well but do occasionally have snack days.

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