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Black spots on leaves

Taken a month ago, just as it was turning Autumn. These leaves (seen along the canal) were covered in black spots. Some kind of disease? Advertisements

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A Shadow

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Guwange – Xbox Live Arcade – First Impressions

After a huge string of disc only releases, Cave finally brings one of their back catalogue of shmups to the Xbox Live Arcade. Which also means worldwide region-free release, happily. Its a strange beast though. It is pretty unlike any … Continue reading

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Space Invaders: Infinity Gene – Xbox Live Arcade – First Impressions

Okay, so I’ve been downloading a lot of Xbox Live shooters this evening. One reason might be so I can use more of my arcade stick without resorting to purchasing a Japanese/Asian Xbox 360. Please note that the following are … Continue reading

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radiangames Crossfire – Xbox Live Indie Games

Radiangames did a clever thing adding their name to all their Xbox Live Indie Games. It makes them stand out from the crowd, its good marketing in a crowded and, most often, ignored marketplace. The naming convention reminds me of … Continue reading

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Crescendo Symphony – Xbox Live Indie Games

Hiding behind a Japanese title on the Xbox Indie Games Marketplace, Crescendo Symphony, as its called on the title screen, is a nicely styled bullet hell shooter from Japan. Unfortunately for me, its horizontally scrolling and I don’t get along … Continue reading

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(Music) Posts I’ve been meaning to make

I’ve been really slack at this recently, been busy at work, tired out etc. I’ve got a huge list of music posts I’ve been meaning to do: Peter Broderick gig Peter Broderick – Music For Congregation Peter Broderick – How … Continue reading

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