Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Wii – First Impressions

As I mentioned below, I’ve just picked up Super Mario Galaxy 2. The first Mario Galaxy is one of my favourite games of all time and is really the first Mario platformer. I decided to wait until around Christmas time to get the sequel.  Since I played the first Super Mario Galaxy, I played New Super Mario Bros. on the DS which I didn’t really like and also tried and failed to get into Super Mario 64. So I was hoping the magic wasn’t lost and that I would really enjoy Galaxy 2.

Upon starting up the game, the familiar orchestral music hits you and it felt like home. I absolutely loved the music for the first game and listened to the soundtrack a hell of a lot. The story intro seemed to repeat the first game which was disappointing but I loved how it transitioned from reading a story book to controlling a 2D Mario platformer (and, wow, how much fun it was again to just run and jump around with Mario, remembering all the different jumps – just why wasn’t this fun in the New Super Mario and Mario 64 but is just so fun in Galaxy?) and then the transition to 3D. The game doesn’t hit you with the full-3D-ness of the galaxies and gravity planetoids for a while. And when it does, it doesn’t appear that odd, despite how downright bizarre it seemed the first time. This is probably down to the mechanic being used on other games (I recommend Soosiz on the iPhone).

I’ve now done four stars in the first two galaxies and it is great fun, although hasn’t really hit me yet as being amazing. Its really just more of the same. Even the introduction of Yoshi wasn’t great. He restricts you in that you can’t have fun and jump about using Mario’s arsenal. But the levels have used his new mechanics, but only to a small amount. I’m hoping the game gets more inventive. Maybe it doesn’t appear quite as good as its the second time around. The gravity planetoid mechanic isn’t new and the graphics don’t appear as amazing. It still seems like a fun solid game with great music but you can tell immediately that there are more obstacles and this game is meant to be “harder”. So, its been fun, but given that I turned off the Wii after just four stars, it hasn’t got me addicted and thinking about it all day that the first game did. I hope it will rekindle the magic…

(Oh, and I forgot to say, I liked it when the camera guy from Mario 64 turned up… and the way you could attack him with Yoshi. Both parts brought a smile to my face, much more than Yoshi’s appearance, I guess because it was unexpected.)

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