Tokimeki Memorial ~forever with you~ Saturn screenshots

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Recently I played all the way through Konami’s classic Tokimeki Memorial ~forever with you~ from 1996 on the Sega Saturn (although originally released in 1994 on the PC Engine. I’d heard about this game for a long time as being a classic in the dating sim genre, spawning a lot of ports and sequels. Having never played a Japanese dating game, or, indeed, not being able to read or understand Japanese, I decided to play through this game. I enjoyed it a lot (its a console game so nothing dirty, just to be clear) despite not knowing what I was doing. You choose activities and build up your stats and then take girls on dates. Not understanding Japanese I obviously answered all the questions wrongly and all of them hated me in the end. The game lasts three years and takes a few hours to complete. I was struck by the old anime style and decided to take a bunch of photos as I went. You can click through the slideshow above or hit the jump for a gallery.

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