Genshiken 2 – Final Impressions

So, last year I completed 14 anime series in half a year. After two months of this year, I finally finish one. Genshiken 2. The last series I watched last year was Genshiken, I really loved it. I loved the theme about an otaku club, I liked how it wasn’t moe and was fairly serious whilst still being quite comic and was just about a group of friends, and for once, beyond school years (although just slightly, being in university). As soon as I finished season one I watched the three OVAs and launched straight into season two.

Season two seemed a bit different, probably due to the three years between the seasons. And also, rather than being pure slice-of-life goodness, this one seemed to have an over-aching plot. Which was about the Genshiken becoming creators and writing and selling doujinshi at Comicon.

Again, my thoughts on the first half the season are old, so I’ll concentrate on the second half since I just watched episodes 7-12 recently. This season introduced a third female member in Ogiue. Although initially seeming dull, she eventually grew to being a lead character and I couldn’t help but wish for her relationship with Sasahara to develop.

It was odd that halfway through the season they had graduation but that really added to the feel of the second half. Instead of being another school slice-of-life, here were people trying and struggling to find jobs and find their role in society once their education ends. It also meant that characters gradually dissapeared. Which led to the introduction for two episodes of two American girls, who spoke strangely but added nice comic touches to the episodes.

Overall, I’m going to miss Genshiken. I really enjoyed it, I love slice-of-life stuff and this seemed more mature what with the themes of struggling to find jobs, something that seems very suitable in this current economic climate where I know of many people struggling to get by. Highly recommended and I wonder what will take its place. Maybe I should read the manga as I hear it is all translated and continues on for a few volumes past the end of the anime.

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