Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Episodes 7-13 (Belated) Impresions

Firstly, I watched most of these episodes a long time ago, some straight after my last post on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. So my thoughts aren’t very clear and I had to re-visit episode summaries to remember exactly what happened. As there are lots of spoilers, I’ve hidden the rest after the jump…

One of the big reveals is the details of the Spiral King, his empire and the Beastmen etc. It turns out he has four big generals, which then, in an obvious fashion, become four bosses our heroes must defeat.  The Gurren Brigade finally find the point at which all the Ganman seem to be spawning from, and its an even bigger Ganman battleship type thing. What follows is the most epic battle and then a big big surprise. One of the three main characters dies. Yes, this show has the balls to kill of one of its three main characters. And its our charismatic leader, Kamina. Proving both to be a dick, and an excellent person over the first eight episodes, he falls in battle in a slightly confusing fashion. I was actually shocked about this, and about how early in the 27 episode season it happened. His loss is a real loss to the show because his character was really entertaining and he was the pivot of the whole series. However, he is gone. And the Dai-Gurren Brigade are feeling its loss just as much as the audience.

His death isn’t quite in vain as the Dai-Gurren Brigade then manage to take over the Dai-Ganzan enemy battleship. Thus forming their mobile base and the human lead focus to take on the Spiral King and the Beastmen. There is quite a lot of them in the team now. And none are really appealing characters apart from Yoko and Simon, who we met in the first episode. Whats worse is that following Kamina’s death, one of the annoying other characters takes charge of the Brigade for a while, eventually replaced by Simon thankfully.

In need of another main character, Nia (see image above, also a wallpaper) is introduced. Simon finds her discarded in a capsule and she seemingly has no idea about anything. I initially hated her character. Both the design, which is typical anime fantasy and her gentle lost attitude and the way all the characters fawn over her, especially Simon (well, she did appear out of nowhere like in a dream). However, a few episodes later when we learn more about her I am warming up. She seems to play a pivitol plot role, having been the discarded princess daughter of the Spiral King. Whats more is that this King seems to go through Princesses every few years, even having a village designed to “nurture” future princesses before they are tossed by the wayside for a new model. Very creepy and one of the highlights of the 2nd quarter of the series.

Apart from that, there has little of interest. Every episode seems to be about the Dai-Gurren’s progress in the Dai-Ganzan towards the Spiral King’s big city. They fight each of the four generals in turn in a big boring mech battle. Every episode is pretty samey and pretty boring. We lost our most charismatic character, and Yoko and Simon spend a lot of the time depressed and in mourning. Simon, in particular, becomes very emo. However, they are picking up now. A nice moment was when everyone thinks Yoko is shooting at Nia but actually Nia trusts her and she shoots past Nia at the enemy. And also how Yoko is finally in a Ganman, but just temporarily.

Nia also tries to be useful in one episode by cooking, which is a disaster. And shows how terrible her character is, now the big announcements about her have been made. There is also a typical terrible beach episode which the male characters all stare at the semi-naked ladies. One laugh is how Yoko in a swimsuit wears more than standard Yoko, much to everyone’s dissapointment.

Well, I hope the series is in a mid-season lull, because its getting repetitive and boring and I need some more spice to it. And 27 episodes its a long series and needs a big plot to carry on. Its seeming more and more childish each episode as well.

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