To Aru Majutsu No Index II – Episode 1 Impressions

I know, I know, I’m late, this series is a few episodes away from finishing. But I said I’d watch Shakugan no Shana Second before I started this as I was burned out from watching Index 1 and Railgun back to back (and they’re both 24 episode series!). So, I got halfway through Shana II and dropped it for a bit. Watched episode 12 today and had the urge to see Index again… (and I’ve taken a few screencaps for you too)

And it was good to be back in Academy City. I much preferred the Railgun series to the Index one but still, it was nice to be back and greeting immediately with the usual Touma and Index antics. It was good to hear Touma’s classic lines too. Then a magician appeared, which reminded me I preferred the other series. Then I thought a Fuzetsu was going to appear before I reminded myself to disregard the Shana rules and re-learn the Academy City ones. In case you are wondering, they are both made by the same company, J.C. Staff.

It was fun seeing Sphinx, and then a familiar character outside the restuarant. And then Biri-Biri appeared, which was nice. She made an amusing quip about Touma not having her phone number and then the thought that this series wouldn’t be focussed around the group of four friends sunk in. She acts differently around Touma. I hope she plays more of a role this series, the closing titles seem to show her being the third main character, but then again Index didn’t do much for most of the first season. The rest of the episode was business as usual, reminding you of Index’s many magical books stored in her head and Touma’s right handed ability.

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