To Aru Majutsu No Index II – Episodes 2-5 Impressions

So, after the re-introductory first episode, this was the first arc of the season. Seems like its going to be like season one and consist of lots of separate arcs that don’t contain all the main characters. This one did contain Touma, and, for once, Index, as well as returning character Stiyl and some small moments from Kaori Kanzaki.

It all gets very epic in a story that mostly takes place outside Academy City where various factions of Christianity are competing for one another – and of course Touma gets involved to protect a girl he’s only just met as usual. This time its Orsola Aquinas, who holds the secret to deciphering some powerful magical book.

There’s lots of loli’s (mostly nuns), action, and fanservice and Touma punches a lot of girls in the face, as well as falling on top of a lot of them. It seems very anti-Catholic which is bringing too much real life religious politics into it for my liking. There’s lots of twists and turns and its about corruption and the goodness of the human spirit. There is also one quite shocking moment in episode four which I won’t spoil.

I would prefer a Railgun episode to this, but it keeps you enthralled and makes you want to watch the complete arc in one go – which is a good reason not to watch this series as it is airing so you can do this.

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