Global Defence Force – PS2 – First Impressions

Earth Defence Force 2017 was quite popular amongst retro oriented gamers a few years back on the Xbox 360. Since it was the first in the series to be released in America, most people didn’t know it was actually an extended remake of the first Earth Defence Force (aka Chikyuu Boueigun, or Monster Attack in Europe). The 2nd game in the series is Global Defence Force on the PS2. I’d only played 2017 before and this is basically like a sequel. Decided to track this down as another Xbox 360 game subtitled Insect Armageddon is coming out soon, but its not made by the original developers.

Force those unfamiliar with the Earth Defence Force games, its a budget series with a great B-movie setting. Its all about shooting down hundreds and hundreds of GIANT ALIEN ANTS. And then later, hundreds and hundreds of GIANT ALIEN SPIDERS. And occasionally some robots, and spaceships etc. It is utterly amazing, even better in co-op and there is so much going on that much slowdown is present. Its also all about the long-term grind to bring up your health and get new weapons via random drops. Its all about an assualt-rifle / rocket launcher combo though. The rocket launcher can destroy whole buildings in one shot and the assualt rifle cuts through swathes of the ants.

Anyway, onto the PS2 game. I played 1 hour (love games which keep track of your time played…) and did the first 12 missions and already its got so much more variety than the Xbox 360 version. Its like a sequel (indeed, its set in 2018, cf EDF 2017 on the 360). I also loved the way it began in London, a city I grew up near to and still visit every couple of months. Giant robots invading The Thames, fighting for the safety of Big Ben and Westminster (which of course can be destroyed in a couple of rocket shots). Then when you get to Tokyo it is a great return to EDF2017. The only thing its missing is the cheesy voices. And the lack of an inability to inverse X as well as Y controls. Inverting X on the Xbox was great as you spent a lot of the game running backwards away from hordes of oncoming ants.

I loved the slowdown when it first appeared, but maybe a tad too much, not sure yet.  The explosions seem even better than on the Xbox, with all the glass shattering and more variety in building styles. And there is a second character I haven’t tried out with a jetpack! Love this series. Highly recommended if you want some non-stop no-frills shooting fun.

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