Sonic Colours – Wii – First Impressions

So, I really enjoyed Sonic 4 and really enjoyed Sonic Unleashed as well. However, I hated Sonic & The Secret Rings. Since most critics hated on Unleashed but loved Colours, I thought I would love it too, as they said it built on the best bits of Unleashed and lost the bad werehog sections. So far I’ve played one and a half (out of six?) worlds of this game and impressions aren’t good. According to the save file I’ve spent 45+ minutes already. Technically it does play like the daytime levels of Unleashed, switching between side-scrolling and running into the screen fast paced on rails action. I’m finding the controls a little odd. Sonic can’t spin dash, has Mario’s wall jump (but not Mario’s other jumping abilities), has a bizarre dash button instead of the tap jump again (or smash the Wii remote forward a la Secret Rings, which worked surprisingly well). He doesn’t duck by pressing down, but by pressing the button behind the nunchuk. Its all a little odd and isn’t natural.  They add these “wisp” abilities you collect to help you unlock new parts of levels with lots of exploration, replayability and collection. Personally, I have little time for that, although only unlocked two types of “wisp” so far. I find it all a little unnecessary. One of the things that really sticks out in this game is that it is obviously made for HD tellies, with Sonic being really small, the screen really zoomed out but, being on the Wii, it isn’t in HD and you struggle to make things out on the over-colourful backgrounds. I find it hard to see things properly and the levels don’t have the big bright colourful charm that I found in Unleashed/Secret Rings/Sonic 4. The levels are just plain dull. Mostly on rail with little excitement and some occasionally awkward platforming. The jump distances seem placed to add maximum frustration. Overall, I’m not having fun. I’ll come back again though.

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