Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Episodes 14-15 Impressions

It’s been a long time since I last blogged about Gurren Lagann. This is mainly because I had trouble getting a good quality stream of Episode 14 and decided to wait for the UK DVDs to be re-released. Well they arrived a few days ago and I’ve re-watched up to where I was. First things first, the subtitles aren’t as good quality as the fansubs online, with a few lines even being missing. Anyway, after I loved the first 6 episodes, the next lot seemed to drag with the onwards progression towards the Spiral King and boss after boss fight. I ended my thoughts of Episode 13 hoping we were in a mid-season lull.

Well, Episode 14 was kindof more of the  same, apart from their was loads more action (much better watching this on DVD than online streaming!) and our heroes took out two more of the four big bosses in one episode. Fast going. And suddenly there were a huge load of followers, who only dissapointed in their identical Ganmens, whereas all the other one we’ve had before were unique. The episode then surprised in that we were suddenly at the Spiral King’s capital – Teppelin. And then the capital starts falling apart with giant pillars coming from the sky…

Then Episode 15. Wow. Stunning. I was blown away. This was like a series finale come too soon. I was not prepared for the epicness of this episode and was glued to my seat for every minute. It almost seemed too easy how they got through the capital to the Spiral King and I was expecting at least an episode or two of fighting – or indeed a major drawback – I mean, this series is 27 episodes long! I was not expecting the big final boss battle this early.

But before we get on to the epic-ness of the Spiral King boss fight. Viral appears. Only to be blown off as an eternal witness. It was previously shown that he is learning more and may be siding with the humans but it was weird to see him brushed off to the side so easily and his pride must have been hurt. Then the Spiral King seems to infer that he is doing all this for the good of humanity. It is what every so-called “evil” leader says, but he never made clear what he meant, just hinted at implications. What was surprising was how he called Simon his equal, each of them possessing the “spiral power”.

The ensuing battle was so epic I can’t describe it. I was reminded the Evangelions in how the Spiral King’s ganman appeared. Again, this is not surprising, given that the same studio, Gainax, made both shows. Simon then draws upon Lagann’s unique power in a great move but not quite enough. It was great how the Spiral King discards his Eva, sorry, ganman, and goes for a fist fight against Lagann. And then, when all hope is lost, Simon uses his little drill pendant as the finisher. Epic. So so epic. I’m still in shock and awe having just watched this episode. I now see why this show is held in so high regard. It is just so exciting watching it. In fact, I’m going to go and watch it again!

What’s next?? There’s a recap episode next. And it seems like Yoko has taken a backseat, with Simon stepping up to be more important than even any of our characters knew. And Nia has taken quite a prominent role. But there’s still almost half the series left, it’ll be interesting to see what it brings next.

I should say thank you to Random Curiousity for the screenshot above. And now I have the DVDs, I’ll be going through the next episodes fairly quickly hopefully.

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