Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Episodes 16-17 Impressions

Glossing over the recap that was episode 16, episode 17 brings us into a completely different second half of the series. Set seven, yes, seven ,years after the events in episodes 1-15, this is a different world. With the Spiral King vanquished, Simon is now the “Supreme Chancellor” or some sort of the new world, which has a huge city where Teppelin used to stand (float?). There are huge skyscrapers, ridiculous ganmen and Kamina statues and flying cars. The technology suddenly seems ridiculously advanced. All the old characters (apart from Yoko) are now in government. This is silly, as they all assume roles that don’t suit them. They were just warriors, who came together in a time of need, and now have been ruling a nation for seven years. Ridiculous.

Once the show initiates us into this new world, it then proceeds with the old character development like nothing has happened. Simon proposes to Nia. One of the Black sisters is having a baby. And Viral returns, where Gimmy and Darry take him down in knock-off Gurren Lagann type mechs. It then appears that Viral is indeed fighting for the “good” side. He is representing all the humans who didn’t want to come to the surface, but preferred living life underground. He confronts Simon about this saying its the same as the Spiral King before him.

Simon appears genuinely unaware of this situation. It appears to have been constructed by Rossiou, who is trying to uncover knowledge about the world in his own scientific institute. Apparently, they are still puzzling over the details in the Spiral King’s last words, with Leeron sending a rocket to the moon, and Rossiou actually trying to count the entire human population (thus wanting them on the surface). He seems actually worried about the “one million apes” statement the Spiral King made. It seems to echo with the old “50 people” rule he had in his backwards underground village.

The second half of the episode then completely shatters the “peace” which had been building up this past 7 years. Seems the 1 million population number is important. Once it is breached, Nia goes all red circuit-boardy and dissapears. A huge thing, reminiscent of the Angels from Evangelion appears above the city. It takes out the knock-off Gurran Laganns so Simon attacks it himself with the actual Gurren Lagann and performs his old Giga Drill Breaker. This takes out the “Angel” which then explodes all over the city. Rossiou announces that Dai-Gurren Brigade’s old ganmen have been disposed of and a giant red circuit-boardy Nia says that humanity’s “spiral power” has reached level two so humanity must be destroyed.

This is definitely a completely different show now (indeed, for the second time). It seems much like sci-fi and Evangelion now. But it does hook me to find out what is going to happen next.

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