Spring Anime Season 2011 Thoughts

So, its already a few weeks into the Summer 2001 anime so it’s about time I posted up my thoughts on the Spring season. The two shows I followed weekly are carrying on into the summer season. The two I completed I basically marathoned. And I started a couple of others but don’t think I’ll carry them on:

Hanasaku Iroha – watched 16/26 (two-cour)
This is excellent. Only a couple of episodes have matched the strength and depth of feeling as the first two though. This coming-of-age show changes between episodes between serious drama, comedy, and character-specific entries. Its mainly about a young girl whose mother left her to live and work at her grandma’s onsen (hot spring inn). The animation is beautiful and I look forward to seeing the rest of it, its just really enjoyable every week. I really like Ohana’s character design as well as her willingness to help others.

Steins;Gate – watched 16/24 (two-cour)
This show gradually reveals its secrets every episode but still leaves (or adds) more unanswered questions. It really keeps you hanging on in suspense for the next episode. For those that don’t know, its a contemporary time-travel based series set in with modern college kids. The time travel elements don’t really kick in for a lot of episodes though. The characters are really great and there are definitely  a lot of in-jokes for anime fans. highly recommended, I don’t know which is my favourite show this season – this or Hanasaku Iroha.

Moshidora – aka Moshi Kōkō Yakyū no Joshi Manājā ga Dorakkā no “Manejimento” o Yondara aka What If the Manageress of a High School Baseball Team read Drucker’s “Management”? – completed 11/11
The clue is basically in that long title. Its less baseball and more just fun, drama about people giving it their best. It also manages to leave behind high school cliches like teen angst and romance. It gets pretty emotional near the end and I recommend it. I hear a live-action version staring Acchan from AKB48 has recently been released in Japan.

AnoHana – aka Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai – completed 11/11
A group of friends drift apart after the death of one of their group. Years later she re-appears as a “ghost” to one of them and they all regroup to try and fulfil her wish and let her rest in peace. This brings back all those unsaid, unresolved feelings from years ago.  I liked this a lot but didn’t rate it as highly as most people seem too. It does get emotional, but in a bit too over-the-top way. The characters all seem real and are well-done though.

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream – watched 4/?
I have no idea why I watched some of this – its for little girls and is about a girl becoming a dancer. The music and dance sequences are repeated every week and are done in CG. Its unlikely to appeal to that many seeking out anime on the internet – hence how few episodes are fansubbed yet.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – watched 1/12
This was a bit odd. I was expecting slice-of-life type stuff. But the first episode has a girl wrapped in a duvet who claims to be an alien and whose mother completely ignores her whilst looking after her nephew (the protagonist). A bit strange and I’m unlikely to continue.

Well, there we go. I’m going to continue watching Hanasaku Iroha and Steins;Gate into the summer season and have also started Kami-sama no Memo Chou and Usagi Drop out of the new shows, and am liking them both. As always, I’m watching a load of old shows as well, just rarely blog about them.

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