Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu ver1.5 – 1CC GET!

It was announced today that Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu would be getting a European release on the Xbox 360 later this year (as Dodonpachi Resurrection). This was a huge surprise and it’s excellent to see a 2nd Cave shmup getting released in Europe, following Deathsmiles earlier this year. To celebrate it’s release I decided to bust out the Japanese version on my Asian Xbox 360. I had never completed the game before, managing to get to the last boss a bunch of times, but never beating it. Apart from on the iPhone version where you can move really fast and there is additional slowdown making it easier.

I took 1 credit to remember how to play the game. Then on my 2nd credit I remembered which ship I like the best and got to the final boss. I wasn’t too far off beating him so I sat down on the floor to get closer to the telly and stuck my joystick on a spare speaker so I was basically viewing the screen in the arcade position:

This position has the benefits of being really close to the bottom of the screen so you can see your ship really clearly and see all the bullets around it so you can dodge really well. The disadvantage is that you don’t see the enemies at the top of the screen so well so sometimes don’t see the big fast bullet patterns.

Anyway, on my 3rd credit of the evening, something magical happened. I beat the boss. I achieved the 1CC! I play as Type-2 in the Strong style.

This puts me 611 on the overall leaderboards and 382 on the ones for my particular ship. This is only my 2nd Cave 1CC. The first was Deathsmiles (and well, you could count Deathsmiles Mega Black Label as my 2nd since it was a separate arcade release). Very happy indeed. Now I need to go back and finish off Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label.

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