If you’ve been watching the excellent anime series Hanasaku Iroha this year you will be familiar with the music of nano.RIPE as they composed both the opening songs of the series. As well as the OPs they have also done a few insert songs and character songs for the series.

As you can see they are a four piece, female fronted Japanese pop/rock band. The vocals are pretty unique and give the songs a lot of appeal. So far they have released 5 major label singles with their debut album on its way later this year. I’ve compiled all 5 of their videos/PVs for their singles (including both Hanasaku Iroha OPs) in the playlist below:

In episode 22 of the anime, I was very suprised to see that the lead singer of nano.RIPE made a cameo appearance. She then went on to sing and play a solo song at the wedding of Enishi and Takako, as seen above! This song then went on to be the ending theme/ED of the episode.  This song hasn’t been released yet but is called ハイリープ and can be listened to here.

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