Nakano Azusa (Listen ver.) – 1/8 scale exclusive by KyoAni

This is the 1/8 scale figure of Nakano Azusa from K-ON! This is produced by Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) and is exclusive to their web store. This is the ending theme – Listen version of her – the previous KyoAni K-ON! exclusives were all from Don’t Say Lazy, which Azunyan doesn’t appear in. I had this on pre-order for a long time and was so excited when she came in. The colours are really strong, with the shiny giant red strawberry, her blue tights and casual shoes. Instead of her twin tails, she has one single long offset ponytail which is sculpted in great detail. And she is holding a strawberry to mimic the one she is sitting on.

One of the great things about this figure, is that when you turn it around, there is a little diorama of Mio in the strawberry. And what makes it extra special is that the star on top of the cake is actually an LED light which makes this great to look at in the dark. The only question is, which way round to display her?

I took lots of photos of Azusa when I first received her and some more recently, however, I’m not too happy about many of them, but these closer shots should give you a better idea of the figure:

Azunyan is a really gorgeous figure. Extremely colourful and with some great details. The collarbones stand out as does her hair ties, which match her strawberry and polka dots.

From the back you can see her hair is nicely styled.

The gorgeous strawberry and shiny blue legs are two of the strong points.

The lit-up Mio diorama is a very unique feature, although will be hidden from view most of the time. Its a great little extra that was unnecessary but makes this figure extra-special.

I really like this figure overall, however, there are a couple of tiny imperfections, as with all the KyoAni K-ON! exclusives.

For example, I’m not too keen on the painting of her white shirt – it looks less like t-shirt material but has the texture of rough lumpy paint.

However, her blue legs are really striking and contrast really well with the strawberry. They are such bold colours. The muted tones of her casual shoes go well with these, not distracting attention, whilst being nicely detailed and very stylish.

Well, that sums up my impressions and photos of Azusa. She is one of my favourite figures and the long wait was worth it. I would recommend her to any K-ON! fans, or just fans of colourful figures. The downside is that like all the KyoAni exclusives, she is very expensive.

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2 Responses to Nakano Azusa (Listen ver.) – 1/8 scale exclusive by KyoAni

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  2. King says:

    What precisely honestly influenced u to create “Nakano Azusa (Listen ver.
    ) – 1/8 scale exclusive by KyoAni | and all shall be well”?

    I actuallycertainly appreciated the post! Thanks a lot

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