Japanese Vending Machines

Since I’m making my second trip to Japan next month, I thought I’d share some themed photos from my first trip to Japan, last May/June. First up is Japanese vending machines. (Note, this is a repost from figure.fm and is very picture heavy):

I love the vending machines in Japan. They are everywhere. I think it’s computer games like Shenmue and the Yakuza series which got me intrigued in them. When I finally got the chance to visit Japan last year I took loads of pictures of them. Here are a few of them:

Suntory Boss is the boss of them all since 1992. This is one of my favourite designs of Japanese vending machine. This must have been in Kyoto. Note the coin lockers – I think these are distinctly Japanese too, probably due to the Yakuza series of games. Think this was on a train platform. Its interesting that they use fake plastic bottles and cans instead of real ones on the display. Pocari Sweat is awesome – the best hangover cure. Vending machines sell everything, including ties, film, batteries and memory cards.A beer vending machine. Much, much cheaper than the same drink in a bar. An awesome wall of vending machines. On the cigarette ones, you have to swipe some form of ID – a problem for visiting tourists, my friends always had to ask a local to swipe for them. Didn’t I say this was the best vending machine design?Even the shrines/temples have vending machines! Some of the vending machines are also useful in saving lives! What the hell is this stuff? And who is that advertising it? I actually bought some of this stuff from this machine. I still haven’t opened it – a year later… This was a cool vending machine in Kawaguchi-ko – near Mt. Fuji. And these three Coca-Cola vending machines were up Mt. Fuji itself! (At the 5th Station.) Pocari Sweat – it would be awesome if they sold this stuff back home. This was very very cool. SEGA branded vending machines. Of course, at a Sega arcade in Akihabara. Some useful vending machines at a campsite on Naoshima island. Naoshima island is a unique art island – very much recommended to anyone visiting Japan. I should do a future post on it. The Naoshima island campsite vending machines at night – I did indeed visit them at night to pick up some beer to drink on the beach. This was in an Osaka train station. A promotional machine, so just has one type of drink. I did see some families trying it out though – so they promotion really did work! These were the cool machines at the bus station in Takayama, on the way to Hida Folk Village. You can get lots of hot food there. More of the cool Takayama bus station vending machines. I should add that the Hida folk village is well worth a visit. Takayama was cool too. Even the Shinkansen have vending machines. I found this very cool.

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