Japanese Manhole Covers

Following my post on Japanese vending machines, another day to day element of Japanese towns which is noticeable to the foreign tourist is their manhole covers. Rather than being plain, they are highly colourful and each show a picture of something representing their town. Four examples are below:

First up is Kawaguchi-ko, one of the main towns people stay in to visit Mt.Fuji. It is situated on one of the Fuji five lakes so the drain cover shows one of the best views of Mt.Fuji from the lake, with the towns characteristic bridge and some nice flowers.

Next is Hiroshima. Rather than featuring what the town is most famous for to westerners, it features an image of their baseball team – the Hiroshima Carp. Baseball being one of the most popular sports in Japan, often featuring in films and anime. Batting cages can be found in every town.

Manhole covers in Osaka feature Osaka castle, one of the most visited castles in Japan, and sadly one I failed to visit on my last trip, and don’t have planned to visit on my upcoming trip – even though I once again will be making an overnight visit to Osaka.

And the last of the photos I will share with you is the manhole cover for Nara – the ancient capital of Japan. Nara is famous for its deers, which roam the town and pester the tourists for food. So they are depicted amongst some lovely fauna. Nara is a lovely town and well worth the visit if you are in the Kansai area of Japan.

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