Arcade games I’ve played today

So it’s day four of my 2nd Japan trip and I’ve started work so nothing much interesting to report, not like I’ve posted up my pictures or diaries of the previous days anyway. But I thought I’d record what arcade games I played today. After a sushi dinner at a conveyor belt sushi place, which was pretty lame, mainly because I had no idea how the system worked. You have to use a lot of machines, and obviously I didn’t know what buttons to press.

So after that I went to Pink Panther game centre and played:

Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label – my favourite shmup. But they had set it for to Rank 3 (Hard) which isn’t a problem, it just makes it different to normal, and I like playing this for the familiarity. So I didn’t enjoy it much, probably because I succesfully 1CC-ed it on standard settings in Taito HEY arcade the other day – something I mean to blog about (and I still mean to blog about me 1CC-ing the Xbox release too). Anyway, so then I played:

DeathSmiles II – I loved the first game on the PAL Xbox 360 release and this sequel seems to lose some of the complexity but has a familiar enough feel and scoring system that I could enjoy it from the get go and work out the system after a few credits. I really like some of the levels but miss the choice from the first game. I think I’ll go back and play this a lot this week, and maybe pick up the Xbox 360 release, either if I see it cheap now, or wait for the upcoming Platinum re-release.

Then I headed to the basement of DaysTown and played:

Some Evangelion Pachinko Machine – there are so many different ones of these I chose the coolest looking machine. Nothing interesting happened till the end, where an Angle battle started – but the CG animations were the same on the Eva pachislot game I played for ages the other day so I was left dissapointed.

Mushihime-sama Futari ver1.5  – this arcade just has 1.5 and sets it to 4 lives per credit, which I don’t approve of. And well, it was more fun than Black Label, just because its even different, but in obvious ways, rather than the subtle way that increasing the rank on the arcade machine makes. I also don’t like how each of these game centres gives you two credits for a shmup per 100Yen coin. Either make it 50Yen a credit or 100Yen a credit. I don’t always want to play twice.

Taiko no Tatsujin – this was my first time playing a Taiko game in the arcade. I’d previously only played it on the PSP, where it wasn’t that fun compared to other rhythm games, but I felt it would be good with the actual drums to hit. And it was good. I had a lot of fun. First I played a random track and then second was the Lucky Star theme song! Awesome. I really enjoyed that. I might go and play this a lot this week too.

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