Otaku-fying my hotel room desk

So I’m now 4 days into my 2nd Japan trip. I’ve posted loot pictures of what I bought on day one, day two, and day three over at figure.fm already. But now a week of work has started so I’ve put a few things out on my hotel room desk to help smooth the evenings over. The fans I picked up in Akiba, as well as the Moe drinks. The drinks coasters come from a Maid Cafe. The mouse mat is the hotel’s own which they use on the pay-computers downstairs, if you want your own you have to buy one, but I love the fact that my hotel has moe mousemates. And no, I’m not drinking all those drinks at once!

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2 Responses to Otaku-fying my hotel room desk

  1. kix says:

    i’ve seen your loots in figure.fm, and awww im jealous here. Enjoy your trip!
    Looking forward for more of your experience there! Yay! >_<

    • julio3rd says:

      Thanks! Two more weeks in Japan! Won’t be bringing my laptop around any more so might not post pics till I get home. Its so much easier posting photos on fig.fm than here…

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