2nd Japan Trip – Days 1-3 photos

I’ve been uploaded my current Japan trip up on figure.fm instead of here because it’s a lot easier to upload photos there than on WordPress. Here’s the links to what I’ve posted and one highlight photo from each day:

On day one I was very jetlagged, but managed to get into Akihabara for about 5pm and spent the evening there. Click here for more photos!

Day two I spend most of the day in the Otaku shopping area of Nakano Broadway and also headed back to Akihabara. More photos here!

On day three, I spend most of the day in the crowded shopping area of Harajuku. Click for the photos!

On day three, I also took a bunch more photos around Akihabara. View them here!

Days 4-8 I was at work. But I’ve got two weeks travel to go! Updates when I get back!

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3 Responses to 2nd Japan Trip – Days 1-3 photos

  1. ElenaSC says:

    Just back from Tokyo as well…. beautiful city! Here my pictures http://wp.me/pXsUB-Mp
    Enjoy your trip!

    • julio3rd says:

      Thanks. Ah, you went to Kamakura. I don’t have time for that this trip but it looks really good. I like your photo of all the paper tied up at the shrine and the millions of little statues.

  2. zenhostel says:

    hi Jul,
    I wonder who this is? I found your blogpost on figure.fm and it made me happy.
    I’m going to look at the 2011 calendar to try to figure it out (or you could email me ;-p )
    PS – I added your post to the homepage here >

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