Akihabara Map

Akihabara is heaven for Otaku. Full of anime, manga, figures, videogames, idols, maid cafes, and more. There’s so much to see and do. But people sometimes struggle to find what the want. I picked up this map on my last visit which may help you. Click the image to see full resolution. Its a little out of date so doesn’t have stuff like the AKB48 cafe, new Kotobukiya and Volks stores etc on there – I’ve annotated some of the highlights over on figure.fm.

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2 Responses to Akihabara Map

  1. Duqs says:

    Very nice. Wasn’t there also a digital copy of this map made in english for the iPhone? XD

    • julio3rd says:

      I’m not sure – I just picked up this paper copy in Akiba. You could probably just save the picture on your phone as use that though.

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