Games Completed 2011

Each year I keep a list of all the games I’ve completed. The criteria for making this list is somewhat dodgy. Other games you could call complete aren’t added and some people wouldn’t call some games I list as completed.  This list doesn’t represent the games I spent the most time playing either. There are many many games I play but don’t complete. Anyway,  last year I  only completed 15 games. A huge step down from last year’s 41, and the year before’s 39.  As you can see from the list, I only completed shmups and Sega games this year. Quite a few 1CC I didn’t blog about. I’ll be doing a post on the games which have struck me most this year later.

  • Vorpal – Xbox 360 (Live Indie Games) – 03/01/2011 – medium, Jade Harlaq
    Space Invaders: Infinity Gene – Xbox 360 (Live Arcade) – 03/01/2011 – medium
    DeathSmiles – Xbox 360 – 21/02/2011 – 1CC, Rosa, 1L3B, EX off
    DeathSmiles: Mega Black Label – Xbox 360 – 27/02/2011 – 1CC, Rosa, EX off
    Manx TT SuperBike – Saturn – 05/03/2011 – Arcade, both tracks
    Hatsune Miku: Project Diva – PSP – 12/04/2011 – medium
    Trouble Witches Neo! Episode 1 Daughters of Amalgam – Xbox 360 (Live Arcade) – 14/05/2011 – many many continues
    Sega Rally Online Arcade – Xbox 360 (Live Arcade) – 20/05/2011
    Child of Eden – Xbox 360 – 19/06/2011
    Dondonpachi Daifukkatsu ver1.5 – Xbox 360 – 29/07/2011 – Type B, Strong, 1CC
    Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label – Xbox 360 (DLC) – 13/08/2011 – Xbox 360, Original, Reco, 1CC, 1 life, 3 bombs
    Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label – arcade – 15/10/2011 – Original, Reco, 1CC, 0 life, 0 bombs, Taito HEY
    Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu ver1.5 – arcade – 31/10/2011 – Type B, Strong, 1CC, 1 life, 0 bonbs, Taito Station Akiba
    Dodonpachi Ressurection – Xbox 360 – 10/11/2011 – Type B, Strong, 1CC, 0 life, 3 bombs
    Bug Princess (Mushihime-sama) – iPhone – 16/12/2011 – Original, Hard, M-Power, 1CC, 0 life
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2 Responses to Games Completed 2011

  1. Edward says:

    Some nice achievements there, glad to see most of them are shmups. :)
    The only one from your list that I did complete in 2011 was Space Invaders Infinity Gene on XBLA. I used the default ship and 1CCed the game in my last life (that tower boss aaaaaahhhhh).

    • julio3rd says:

      I honestly can’t remember much about the XBLA version of Infinity Gene apart from that it was much worse than the iPhone one. Maybe because the iPhone one was well suited to the vertical screen and the touch controls were perfect. Whereas on the Xbox, it didn’t play well with a stick and the game suffered from being a widescren vertical shooter.

      Btw, I’ve checked out your blog (very impressive!), think I’ve visited it before actually. Amazing list – I don’t know how you can play so many games – especially to 1CC them. Although I notice your Cave list is quite low, Ketsui must have been one well of an achievement. I’ve only ever made it to Stage 4 a handful of times and I love that game.

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