Working!! – Gashapon straps

There’s not enough figures made for Working!! (Wagnaria!! in the US) despite now having two seasons. Most are Sega prize figures. However, whilst in Japan I spotted these gashapon straps. The Japanese love straps, no phone is without one, and they also put them on their game handhelds, bags, you name it. Oh, and gashapon is the Japanese term for those capsule machine toys. I managed to pick up three of them – Taneshima Popura, Mahiru Inami, and Matsumoto Maya.  Popura and Inami are the most popular characters but Maya just appears in the background and literally only speaks in two episodes over two seasons, so was very surprised they made a strap out of her!

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1 Response to Working!! – Gashapon straps

  1. kix says:

    kawaii.. love those celphone straps! <3

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