Just someone who likes music, videogames, anime, figures, taking photos etc.

I mostly listen to instrumental music, be it piano + string quartet, drone, post-rock etc, and occasionally some female singer-songwriters, hardcore (punk), and pop.

I like to take photos, particularly of the sky and grass and other green things. I also will post up graffiti/street art as these things are transient and deserve to be recorded somewhere. I also take photos of my (anime) figures, but post these elsewhere, so only post a few pictures here.

About anime, I used to just love Studio Ghibli, but after going to Japan in 2010, I’ve fallen in love with anime in general and spend a lot of time catching up on shows and watching the currently airing episodes as well. I love anime figures, which is what really got me into it. I have also recently started reading the manga for the shows I like the most.

Second to music, I love videogames so hope to post plenty about them. Consoles currently in my possession are: PS3, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360 (4GB slim Asian + 20GB fat PAL), Wii, Nintendo 64, DSi XL, DSlite, Game Boy Micro, Dreamcast, Saturn, PC Engine, NeoGeo Pocket Color.

You can also find me at:

figure.fm where I post figure photos and monthly updates on my anime-related purchases

The Shenmue Legend: a site I used to run ~8 years ago about one of the greatest games ever made

My Figure Collection where I keep up to date the figures I own and have ordered.

My Anime List where I keep up to date with the anime I’m watching and have watched.


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