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Trips abroad 2011

As part of my look back at 2011 series of posts (at least one more of these to come btw), I thought I’d look back at all the trips I’ve made abroad this past year and share one scenery pic … Continue reading

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2nd Japan Trip – Days 1-3 photos

I’ve been uploaded my current Japan trip up on figure.fm instead of here because it’s a lot easier to upload photos there than on WordPress. Here’s the links to what I’ve posted and one highlight photo from each day: On … Continue reading

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Arcade games I’ve played today

So it’s day four of my 2nd Japan trip and I’ve started work so nothing much interesting to report, not like I’ve posted up my pictures or diaries of the previous days anyway. But I thought I’d record what arcade … Continue reading

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Otaku-fying my hotel room desk

So I’m now 4 days into my 2nd Japan trip. I’ve posted loot pictures of what I bought on day one, day two, and day three over at figure.fm already. But now a week of work has started so I’ve put … Continue reading

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My 2nd Japan Trip is imminent!

My 2nd trip to Japan is imminent and I can’t tell you how excited I am. Japan has always held some kind of mystical hold over me since about 1999. Probably ever since the Dreamcast era and seeing the cool … Continue reading

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Tanuki are a Japanese kind of raccoon dog. They are prominent in Japanese folklore and you often finds statues of them outside restaurants. I first came across Tanuki through the Studio Ghibli film Pom Poko. They show some of the … Continue reading

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Japanese Manhole Covers

Following my post on Japanese vending machines, another day to day element of Japanese towns which is noticeable to the foreign tourist is their manhole covers. Rather than being plain, they are highly colourful and each show a picture of something representing … Continue reading

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